Our history

Genova was founded to provide a better approach to personal financial management.

Alan Dewling has spent many years advising individuals and families on their financial affairs. Working first through a major Canadian public accounting firm and subsequently through portfolio management firms, he came to realize there was a better way. He wanted to combine the results obtained through the direct ownership of good businesses with broader expertise in tax and personal finance. In 2006, Alan founded Genova with his wife Jennifer L. Dewling, leveraging her leadership experience at some of Canada’s major financial planning and investment firms.

Alan was fortunate to have worked previously with Ming Lam and Kevin Kuebler, who earlier in 2006 had formed their own investment firm, Silver Heights Capital Management. Having successfully collaborated before, the decision to continue the relationship was an easy one. While Genova remains ultimately responsible for the contents of the portfolios, Silver Heights as sub-advisor to Genova, researches and recommends investment opportunities for Genova clients’ portfolios.

In 2016, Genova opened a new chapter when Alan’s daughter Jennifer A. Dewling joined the firm. Having spent a decade in increasingly senior roles at a major Canadian bank, Jennifer decided to join the family firm and build its legacy for the next generation.