We understand family matters

We are your family’s private office, guiding the growth and distribution of wealth.

We work for you

We are an independent investment boutique, owned and operated by a family of financial professionals. We have no allegiance to outside shareholders or other financial institutions and there are no salespeople. Our primary focus is your financial success.

We own what you own

We manage your assets the same way we manage our own. We invest in the same businesses that our clients do. We would never put a holding in a client’s portfolio that we wouldn’t put in our own.

There when you need us

We always answer the phone when you call and we often make house calls. That’s just one of the reasons why we think our clients trust us to take care of their finances. We are there for you whenever you need us.

Here for the next generation

We are a multigenerational firm and we’re all partners here. That means we are committed to the company that is our family legacy. And that means we’re committed to you and your family for the long term.