We practice ownership investing

Investing like an owner means understanding that it’s the success of the business that determines your financial success – not daily price fluctuations on public markets. An owner understands that, while an investment is represented by shares, it’s the underlying assets and wealth-creating operations that are owned. Our goal is to have you take pride in your portfolio – we want you to know what you own and why.

Wealth is created by owning successful businesses

Most private wealth has been created through the ownership of successful businesses. In many cases the owners of the business were also instrumental in its conception, growth and management. For many, however, creating and operating a successful business is impractical for any number of reasons: conflicting priorities, lack of time, interest, capital or financial acumen. Fortunately, it is possible to be an owner of a great business without having to commit large amounts of time, capital and energy to the enterprise. This is ownership investing.

Our goal when managing your portfolio is to achieve three key objectives:

  1. Ensure you have the cash you need when you need it
  2. Grow your wealth by directly investing in successful businesses
  3. Help you to understand and feel good about your investments

A Genova portfolio is typically:

  • Crafted patiently over time – it can take weeks or even months to become fully invested;
  • Concentrated – comprising fewer than twenty companies; and
  • Consistent, with low turnover. Our investment philosophy doesn’t change with daily market movements. We are investing as owners and won’t churn the companies we’re investing in.