At Genova Private Management, we think like owners, talk like humans, and help our clients prosper.

“To successfully manage wealth, you need to understand the difference between apples and orchards.”

Genova founder Alan Dewling. Read Alan’s post on money versus wealth.

Portfolio Management

Genova practices ownership investing. We patiently craft a portfolio of select businesses we understand, believe in, and follow closely. We’re fully invested alongside our clients and our goal is for the families we work with to not only understand their portfolios but to take pride in the businesses they own.

Family Office

In addition to helping clients build wealth, we help them meet their overall financial goals in areas ranging from family legacy to philanthropic impact. We take pride in the quality of our relationships and conversations with clients. By understanding what really matters to them, we’re able to provide the best possible guidance.

Client Experience

We purposefully build warm, genuine relationships with our clients, and often end up working together for years. Genova has a reputation for straightforward communication and for helping clients gain confidence and peace of mind through genuine understanding of their portfolio and overall financial picture.

About Us

Founded by a family of financial professionals in 2006, Genova remains independently owned and operated. Over time, we’ve carefully built a friendly, close-knit team, diverse in technical expertise but united by a shared commitment to helping our clients.

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